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"The most fullfilled women I've met are those that put themselves first."

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"My stomach is flat again! Over the past four weeks, my stomach has toned up and the excess fat I was carrying around my middle has completely gone. I'm delighted. My upper body is much more toned, and my legs are getting stronger too. Michelle’s workouts push me really hard. They are challenging workouts but I really look forward to whatever she sends through next. It’s great to know the right exercise to do and get encouragement to stick to the plan. The best part, is that it’s really affordable. I could never have done this without Michelle."

Francesca Galea, Malta

"I've followed Michelle's programs for 8 weeks now and I'm feeling great! I never used to know what to do at the gym so I got bored and so lacked motivation to go. With the Michelle's SupaChick programme training is very varied (leaving little room for boredom) - all I have to do is follow instructs via the Bodireel app, which includes videos for each exercise to ensure you have the correct technique. At the end of my workouts I feel have worked very hard but I also feel stronger and motivated for the next session! I'm already more confident, feel stronger and more toned."

Emma McQuillan, UK

"My workouts used to be disorganised and uninspiring. I would go to the gym and drag out the time just so I could say I'd worked out. The Supachick program was exactly what I was looking for. With the structured workouts I know exactly what to do each day. They get harder with the more I progress and I can see the improvements in my strength and agility. The changes I have seen in my body have been amazing, but more importantly, I feel strong, fit and healthy. "

Carly McLaughlin, Scotland

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